Working boat in excellent condition

August 2019 shipyard outage repairs App 200K


1.     Gas free clean port strb fuel tanks
2.     Install high level alarms on port/strbd fuel tank
3.     Pull main rudders replace pucker seals
4.     Pull flanking rudders replace water seals not pucker seals
5.     SS wheels  pulled and reconditioned by Bauman Propellers
6.     Shafts pulled and reconditioned by Schmidt & Sons
7.     Replaced Kobelco shaft rubber seals
8.     Replaced cutlass bearing on both shafts
9.     Removed and cleaned keel coolers and replaced hoses with new
10.    Abrasive blasted to new metal
11.    Blast and abrasive clean stern voids Coated SSPC-SP6    Commercial                 Condition Carboline 3 coat application


12.  Blast and abrasive clean entire hull Coated SSPC-SP6 Commercial                     Condition Carboline 4 coat application

13.  Extended aft second deck

14.  Cleaned and recoated potable water tank
15.   Replaced all steps on push knees with fiberglass grating material
16.   Replaced both push knee fenders
17.   Replaced steering rams
18.   Replaced port and strd generator engines
19.    Installed two new air compressor receiver tanks
20.   Replaced fire piping from sea chest to new valve