A heavily constructed modern flat deck project barge. It
has an integrated ballast system and is capable of ballasting to her LL depth.

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Towing Brackets Two on PS and two on SB, in recess at fore deck covered with steel gratings

Fair Leads At the foreside of the towing brackets fairleads are integrated in the construction

Bollards 11 pcs.

Draught Marks At fore, midship and aft on PS and SB every 20 cm

Boarding Ladders 2 on SB and 2 on PS in recesses of the hull

Cathodic Protection Zinc anodes on underwater part of the hull

Manholes Flush single point closing manholes

Pump Room Entrance Flush single point opening / closing type

Anti Slip Anti-slip painting all around at sides, rear and peak

Ballast Pump Two 400 m³/h ballast pumps

Generator Set CAT C4.4 generator set

Lighting Lighting in pump room and center void

Winches 2 Anchors / Mooring winches

Anchors 2 Anchors and wires

Fendering Air plane tires (1100 mm)

Navigation Lighting Navigation lights according to international towage regulations

Paint System Intergard 269/5600/740



Ballast Pipes and Valves DN 250

Valve Operation Manually operated from void space.

De-Aeration Removable caps, mounted on flanges. Flush deck when caps are removed.

Sounding By means of opening of the manholes