SMIT Towing Bracket 80 Tonnes
Towing Fairlead 80 Tonnes

* Clear Deck Working Area of 305ft (93.0m) by 92ft
* WEB Longitudinal Frame Spacing of 1.8ft (0.55m)
* WEB Transverse Frame Spacing of 6ft (1.83m)
* Flush-Deck with Recess Bollards
* 12ft (3.66m) -high Break-Waters on the Bow with
Storm Rails
* Salvage Plugs in Manhole Covers
* Flushed manholes marked with identification of
each tank
* Flush Access Ladder to Deck
* Additional Bollard on the Bow
* Fendering
Chain “pigtail”
Tow Plate (triangular plate)
* Emergency Tow-Set up clipped on Breakwaters
from bow to stern arrangement with luminous

*Chain Bridle Assembly includes:
SMIT Brackets (tow connection
Master Links
Towing Shackles
Closed Chocks (capped
Towing bridle legs (chain)