A tug (tugboat) is a boat or ship that maneuvers vessels by pushing or towing them. Tugs move vessels that either should not move by themselves, such as ships in a crowded harbor or a narrow canal, or those that cannot move by themselves, such as barges, disabled ships, log rafts, or oil platforms.


  • Type: Model Bow Tug Boat
  • Horsepower: 4,000 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 100''x33.5'x17.9'
  • Year Built: 2000
  • Class: ABS Loadline
  • Location: Northeast US

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Top 14 Most Popular Tugboats

Name Type Horsepower Dimensions Year Built Price
MBT 486 Model Bow Raised Pilot House Tug BoatModel Bow Tug Boat4,000 HP100''x33.5'x17.9'2000Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
MBT 487 Model Bow Harbor TugboatModel Bow Harbor Tugboat3,000 HP91'x29'x14'1984/2013$1575000
MBT 492 Two Offshore Model Bow Tug Boats For Sale(2) Sister Offshore Model Bow tug boat twin engine/single screw5750 HP128'x36'x15.7'1982Inviting Offers
MBT 11051 Model Bow Tug BoatModel Bow Tug Boat1800 HP70'x24'x9'1981Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
15500 Ocean Going Tug Boat ABS ClassedABS Classed Ocean Going Tug Boat3,250 HP105'x30'x13.8'1977$1800000
MBT 467 Harbor TugModel Bow Harbor Tug3900 HP90'x28'15'1975 rebuilt 2004$665000
LPG ATB TUG and BARGE 52,169 BBLS Double Hull Tank BargeOffshore Tug and Ocean ATB7130 HP391'x56'x26'Boat 1979 / Barge 1971Reduced Price
MBT 452 Offshore Tug Boat3000 HP Tug Boat3000 HP95'x26'x13'1972$550000
MBT 489 Anchor Handling Tug Boats For SaleOffshore Model Bow Towing & Anchor Handling Tug3600 HP Class95'x28'x12'1981Purchase or Charter - Call 985.384.2614 for Details
MBT448800 HP Tug Boat800 HP47'x16'x6.21957/2009$350000
15555 Ocean Going Tug Boat ABS ClassedABS Classed Ocean Going Tug Boat3250 HP105'x30'x14'1981$1800000
MBT 488 Towing & Anchor Handling Tug BoatOffshore Model Bow Tug Boat3600 HP Class80'x28'x12'1981Purchase or Charter - Call 985.384.2614 for Details
MBT 492 Offshore Towing VesselOffshore Model Bow Tug Boat6000 HP Class103'x27'x12'1969/1984Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
MBT 42015 Offshore Tug BoatOffshore Model Bow Tug Boat3600 Class90'x28'x12'1982$1100000

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