New & Used Off the market For Sale

Off the market For Sale

  • Type: Model Bow Tug Boat
  • Horsepower: 900 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 57'x21'x8'
  • Year Built: 1968
  • Eye Level: 18'
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana
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  • Type: Offshore Utility Boat
  • Horsepower: 1200 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 115'x26'x12'
  • Year Built: 1980
  • Class: Current USCG COI
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

REDUCED PRICING, MOTIVATED SELLER, PRICED TO SELL Working Vessel, in service…all USCG Current USCG Certificates are current

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  • Type: Offshore Mini Supply Vessel
  • Horsepower: 1200 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 145'x30'x10.5'
  • Year Built: 1982
  • Class: Expired
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana
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  • Type: Inland Push Boat With Sub M COI
  • Horsepower: 900 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 56'x22'x8'
  • Year Built: 1980
  • Class: USCG Subchapter M COI
  • Eye Level: 27'
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana

Excellent Condition, COI, Sub M, Working. Low Hours

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  • Type: Inland Push Boat
  • Horsepower: 900 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 50'x22'x6'6"
  • Year Built: 2007
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana

Sister Vessels currently hauled out.  Excellent condition, available immediately

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  • Type: Inland Sectional Barges
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 48'x12'x4 and 20'x10'x3
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana

48’x12’x4 20’x10’x3′  

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  • Type: Dump Scows
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 235'x53'x23'
  • Year Built: 1974
  • Location: East Coast US

4000 CY Dump Scow

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  • Type: 3 Jumbo Hopper Barges
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 300'x52'x17'
  • Year Built: 1986
  • Location: East Coast US

(3) Jumbo Hopper Barges   Barges are fitted with notched stern for being pushed

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  • Type: Inland Deck Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 195'x35'x12'
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana

Heavy built rock barge with 3′ bin wall on one side

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  • Type: AHTS Offshore Anchor Handling Vessel DP-2
  • Horsepower: 12,640 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 265'x52'x19'
  • Year Built: 2012
  • Class: OSV, SubCh L & I Vessel ABS ✠A1, Towing Vessel, Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1, Offshore Support Vessel, Ⓔ, ✠AMS, ✠ACCU, ✠DPS-2, UWILD
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana

Call for additional details.

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Top 16 Off the market By Width

Name Type Horsepower Dimensions Year Built Price
60 Person Accommodation/ Work Barge w/ 4 Point Mooring SystemABS Accommodation/ Work Barge w/ 4 Point Mooring SystemN/A250'x72'x16'1994Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
DB 104 Inland Deck Barge EX-ABSInland Deck Barge EX ABSN/A240'x72'x15'1981$800000
DB 102 ABS Deck Barge Class A1ABS Deck BargeN/A260'x72'x16'1981$1365000
155′ CLASS LIFTBOAT155' Class Offshore LiftboatN/A106'x65'x9'2013$3200000
PB 8032 Inland Push BoatInland Push Boat (Day Boat)1200 HP58'x28'x7'2016$1550000
SDB 504 Inland Spud BargeInland Spud BargeN/A150'x55'x9'1993$795000
Split Hopper Dump Scows For SaleDump ScowsN/A235'x53'x23'1974Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
SDB 321 Inland Spud BargeInland Spud BargeN/A130'x52'x12'1981$255000
JHB 100 Jumbo Hopper Barge (3) Jumbo Hopper Barges3 Jumbo Hopper BargesN/A300'x52'x17'1986Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
AHTS 265 Offshore Anchor Handling Vessel DP-2AHTS Offshore Anchor Handling Vessel DP-212,640 HP265'x52'x19'2012Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
SDB 334 Inland Spud BargeInland Spud BargeN/A125'x50'x8'1962$295000
SDB 239 Keyway Spud BargeInland Keyway Spud BargeN/A150'x50'x12'Off the market
PSV 3420 Platform Supply Vessel DP-1Offshore Platform Supply Vessel DP-13,420 BPH220'x48'x16'9"1995$1050000
SB 253 Offshore Supply Vessel DP-1Offshore Supply Vessel DP-14000 BHP210'x48'x18'1998Sold
CRB 609 Inland Crane Barge and Crane FOR SALE or CHARTER will separateInland Crane and Crane Barge For SaleN/A85'x46.5x6'1980$235000
SB 398 Offshore Supply VesselOffshore Supply Vessel4000 HP205'x46'x17'1999Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing