New & Used Lift Boats For Sale

Lift Boats For Sale

Damco Marine has 4 Lift Boats For Sale for sale in our current online inventory.

  • Type: 145' Offshore Lift Boat
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 91'x65'x8'
  • Year Built: 1990
  • Class: USCG
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana
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  • Type: 145'-175'-200' Class Lift Boats for Sale
  • Class: USCG
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana

Please email [email protected] for additional details.

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  • Type: 105 Class Lift Boat
  • Horsepower: 600 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 64'x32'x7'
  • Year Built: 1976
  • Location: East Coast US

Reported to be in Excellent Condition! 64x32x7 8-71 Detroit Village Marine Tec NF-1200 compressor 15 ton Otis 99CO2 lift crane w/70′ boom 3 legs with 12’x24′ feet, Numerous upgrades, too many to list. Call for details Leg Length: 98’6″ Max...

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  • Type: Calss 215' Liftboat
  • Horsepower: 1600 HP
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): LOA-123.5'x77'x10' Barge Only-110'x73'x10'
  • Year Built: 1981
  • Class: USCG, ABS Loadline
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

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Lift Boats for Sale

Damco Marine has the best online inventory of new and used lift boats for sale. We have at least 4 boats as old as 1976 and built as recently as 1990.

Are you looking for new inventory or something built to order? We’d love to help.

Used lift boats start as low as $.

What is a Lift Boat?

A lift boat is a self-propelled boat with 3 or 4 columnar pipe legs. If it needs legs taller than 220′ they are constructed of lattice instead of pipes. These legs can be lowered to the bottom of a waterway to stabilize the boat. They can even lift the boat up above the water’s surface.

Lift boats are cheaper to operate than a similarly equipped spud barge because lift boats are self propelled and easier to set up. They have a high deck-load capacity and can support crane operations which makes them very versatile. Lift boats can also be set up with ample accommodations for housing work and boat personnel.

Damco Marine’s current inventory of lift boats for sale ranges in length from as short as 64 ft long to as long as 91. Large lift boats can be pretty broad, with bigger boats coming in at a whopping 91‘ wide or more.

Small lift boats can deploy with as little as 600 HP. The largest lift boats are powered by 600 Horsepower (or more).

Whatever your needs, Damco Marine has the right marine equipment for your fleet. If you see one of our listings somewhere else for a lower price let us know, we’ll gladly match any verifiable price for any vessel in our listings.

Top 11 Newest Vessels

Name Type Horsepower Dimensions Year Built Price
NEW CONSTRUCTION-Pin Together Truckable Sectional BargesTruckable Pin Together BargesN/A40'x10'x4'-48'x12'x4'2022$49,600-$67,400
SDB 104 BRAND NEW Spud Barge for sale, charter or lease purchaseInland Spud BargeN/A140'x54'x8'2019Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
DB 093 Truckable BargeInland Truckable BargeN/A41'x11'x32"2019$29500
SDB 816 ABS Spud BargeABS Classed Loadline Spud BargeN/A160'x66'x10'2019$2200000
CB 275 Crew Boat/Work Boat with COIDeck Boat/Crew BoatN/A44'x10.5'2018$275000
PB 8032 Inland Push BoatInland Push Boat (Day Boat)1200 HP58'x28'x7'2016$1550000
Truckable Push Boat 321Inland Truckable Push Boat600 HP23'x14'x5'2016Sold
2BR/ 1Bath Custom Built Houseboat/CampCustom Built CampN/A60'x26'2016$210000
SDB 314 Spud/Crane BargeInland Spud BargeN/A120'x50'x6'2016$900000
ABS KEYWAY SPUD BARGE with PULLING UNITABS Keyway Spud Barge with pulling unitN/A150'x60'x10'2015Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
25′ Truckable Push BoatInland Truckable Push Boat800 HP25.7'x15.7'x6'2015$295000