Crane Barges

A crane barge, crane vessel or floating crane is a vessel with a crane specialized in lifting heavy loads. The largest crane vessels are used for offshore construction. Damco Marine has a selection of available Crane Barges for sale to meet your needs and budget, feel free to browse our listings.

Crane Barges

  • Type: Inland spud barge with 40 ton mounted crane
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 100'x26'x6'
  • Year Built: 1992 (estimated)
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

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  • Type: Inland crane barge with crane
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 130'x38'x8.5
  • Year Built: 1968
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

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  • Type: Inland Crane Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 130'x54'x8'
  • Year Built: 1983
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

(2) 50′ Spuds with pulling unit Call for additional details

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  • Type: Inland Spud Barge with Hydraulic Pulling Unit
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 120'x45'x7'
  • Year Built: 1979
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

Raked Bow and square stern. Barge just went through extensive repairs and upgrades including sandblasting and painting. (2) 22″ x 22″ Spud Wells with 3′ skirts (2) 20″x20’x50′ square spuds Hydraulic winches powered by a Perkins diesel 135 engine for...

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  • Type: Intercon Gantry mounted on deck barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 199'x52'x14'
  • Location: East Coast US

Call for additional details, load charts and drawings. EX ABS loadline tank barge that is 199’ L x 52’ B x 14’ D.  The crane on deck is an Intercon Gantry crane (all electric over hydraulic), 28 tons capacity at 90’...

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Top 16 Crane Barges By Length

Name Type Horsepower Dimensions Year Built Price
60 Person Accommodation/ Work Barge w/ 4 Point Mooring SystemABS Accommodation/ Work Barge w/ 4 Point Mooring SystemN/A250'x72'x16'1994Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
SBD 393 Crane BargeInland Spud Barge w/ Manitowac 4100 Ringer CraneN/A250'x72'x16'1980$1400000
CRB 394 Crane Barge w/ Intercon Gantry CraneIntercon Gantry mounted on deck bargeN/A199'x52'x14'Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
CRB 555 Inland Crane Barge with Living Quarters for 12Inland Crane Barge with Living Quarters for 12N/A180'x54'x12'2012$Call for Pricing Details
SDB 943 ABS Spud BargeABS Spud BargeN/A160'x60'x10'2011$1750000
SDB 121 ABS Loadline Spud BargeABS Spud BargeN/A150'x50'x8'2000Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
SBD 15150 ABS Spud BargeABS Spud BargeN/A150'x54'x10'2005$1400000
SBD 15151 Spud Barge ABSABS Spud BargeN/A150'x60'x10'2002$1300000
ABS Crane/Spud Barge with pulling unitABS Crane/Spud Barge with Pulling UnitN/A150'x54'x8'2011$900000
CRB387Dredge BargeN/A149'x45'x8'$200000
CRB 392 ABS Crane Barge W/ Manitowoc 4000 WABS Spud BargeN/A140'x48'x9'2003$950000
SBD 15140 Spud Barge ABSABS Spud BargeN/A140'x54'x9'2006$1200000
SDB 402 Inland Spud Barge w/ Pulling UnitN/A140'x40x8'2007$265000
CRB 222 Inland Crane Barge with 80 Ton Terex craneInland Crane Barge with 80 Ton CraneN/A140'x40'x8'2007$550000
CRB 600 Spud BargeInland Spud Barge N/A140'x40'x8'1972$350000
SDB 902 Keyway Spud BargeKeyway Spud BargeN/A140'x39'x8.6'1977$275000

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