New & Used Barges For Sale

Barges For Sale

  • Type: Inland Spud Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 130'x50'x12'
  • Year Built: 1975
  • Location: East Coast US

Survey and additional pictures available upon request

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  • Type: Inland Tank/Bunker Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 195'x35'x14'9"
  • Year Built: 1977 Reconditioned 2019
  • Class: USCG COI new 2020
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

Double hull inland tank/bunker barge 2019 Refurbishment Fitted with (2) 35’x6′ Lube oil tanks 15,000 BBLS of Lube Fitted with (2) 35’x6′ potable/freshwater tanks Fitted with (2) 35’x6′ slop oil tanks Call for surveys, documents, pictures and UT readings

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  • Type: Inland Spud Barge w/ Pulling Unit
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 135'x35'x7'
  • Year Built: 1980
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

Just recently blasted and painted. Great Condition, ready to work. Call for details.

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  • Type: Offshore ABS Deck Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 250'x72'x16'
  • Year Built: 1999
  • Class: ABS/A1 New 2019
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana

(3) Barges identical available. Deck Loading: 3000 lbs/square foot Cargo Capacity: 5,500 ST 6: Transverse Bulkheads 3: Longitudinal Bulkheads 28 Compartments

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  • Type: Inland Spud Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 130'x60'x9'
  • Year Built: 1981
  • Location: Upper Mississippi River

Call for details

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  • Type: Inland Spud Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 140'x54'x8'
  • Year Built: 2019
  • Location: Gulf of Mexico

SPUDS 24″ x 24″ x 40′ Spud barge available for sale, charter or lease purchase.

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  • Type: Hopper Barge with ABS Loadline Certificate
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 171'x46'x16'
  • Year Built: 2002
  • Class: ABS Loadline Coastwide Cert
  • Location: East Coast US

Raked Bow and Raked Stern 2750 Cubic Yard Capacity Open Hopper Barge

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  • Type: Inland Spud Barge with 4100 S2 Manitowoc 230 Ton Crane
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 120'x55'x7'
  • Year Built: 2004
  • Location: East Coast US
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  • Type: Deck Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 220'x60'x14'
  • Year Built: 1998
  • Class: ABS/ A1
  • Location: Northeast US
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  • Type: Inland Deck Barge
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 231'x40'x11.5'
  • Year Built: 1954
  • Location: East Coast US
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New and Used Barges for sale from our worldwide inventory. Find the right vessel for your fleet, project, or operating conditions. From fully equipped Living Quarters barges outfitted to handle your personnel requirements to tank, hopper, and spud barges for transporting materials both inland and offshore, Damco has the right new or used barge for your project.

Don’t see the barge or floating storage you’re looking for? Ask our experienced brokers. We’ll find what you’re looking for, and match any competitor’s price – all the while providing industry leading brokering, administrative and transportation services to put your new marine equipment online as quickly as possible.

Top 16 Barges For Sale By Width

Name Type Horsepower Dimensions Year Built Price
SDB 702 ABS Spud BargeABS Spud BargeN/A140'x54'x9'2008$1200000
DB 900 ABS Class Ocean Going Deck BargeABS Class Ocean Going Deck BargeN/A400'x105'x20'1983Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
DB 447 Offshore Deck Barge with Ballast SystemOffshore Deck BargeN/A400'x105'x26'7"2012Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
DB422Deck BargeN/A250'x100'x16'1976/1998$5250000
DB 1027 Offshore Deck BargeOffshore Deck Barge/Dock BargeN/A330'x100'x20'2005Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
DB 958 ABS Class Ocean Going Deck BargeOcean Going ABS Deck BargeN/A300'x90'x22'1976/2009Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
DB 309 ABS Offshore Deck BargeOffshore ABS Deck BargeN/A300'x90'x18'2008$2800000
DB 915 Deck Barge with Bin WallsDeck Barge with Bin WallsN/A300'x80'x18'2010$2600000
60 Person Accommodation/ Work Barge w/ 4 Point Mooring SystemABS Accommodation/ Work Barge w/ 4 Point Mooring SystemN/A250'x72'x16'1994Call 985.384.2614 For Pricing
DB 162 Offshore Deck BargeOffshore Deck BargeN/A260'x72'x16'1979$1200000
250’x72’x16′ ABS Deck BargeOffshore ABS Deck BargeN/A250'x72'x16'1999$1900000
SBD 67Inland Spud BargeN/A195'x70'x9'Make Offer
TB 318 95,000 BBLS Double Hull Tank Barge (Diesel/Clean) OCEAN ATBDouble Hull Ocean ATB Tank BargeN/A397'x68'x33.51973Closed Bidding Process
SDB 943 ABS Spud BargeABS Spud BargeN/A160'x60'x10'2011$1750000
SBD 15151 ABS Spud Barge with 2250 S3 Manitowoc CraneABS Spud Barge with 2250 S3 CraneN/A150'x60'x10'2002$2400000
SDB 350 Inland Spud BargeInland Spud BargeN/A130'x60'x9'1981$500000

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