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Aluminum Crew Boats For Sale

For Immediate Release:

Four (4) crew boats for sale

DAMCO MARINE is accepting offers on four (4) 160′ aluminum crew boats available for immediate inspection and sale.

These operator-designed crew boats were built between 2001 and 2006 and share a proprietary cabin and deck layout engineered to increase cargo, fuel, water, and passenger capacities in addition to enabling operations in rougher seas than similarly sized traditional crew boats.


  • 160’x 29’
  • 6300 BHP
  • Clear Deck Space: 100′ x 25′
  • Gross Tonnage: 225 Lt
  • Fuel/Water: 35,000/51,000 USG
  • 65 Seated Passengers
  • Six (6) 2-man Staterooms
  • 7000g Dedicated Grey/Black Water Tank (Zero Discharge Capable)

These well-maintained vessels are currently being kept in fresh water, on shore power with HVAC equipment operating. Hulls are in great shape with very few indentations. All machinery is routinely run and kept operational. These vessels require only repainting and recertification to be put into service.

These unique crew boats won’t last long. Contact Britt at 985.384.2614 for more information.


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